Air Dried Treats


There's a huge range of healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes in raw food; from joint-boosting chondroitin sulphate in bones to a range of B vitamins in liver.

The cooking and processing of some pet foods and treats destroys some of this nutritional value (particularly fragile nutrients like antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty acids). In addition to this, throw in fillers, salt, preservatives and additives and you have a rather unhealthy treat for your beloved dog.

Air drying these same treats, on the the other hand, preserves many of these nutritional benefits and minimises processing.

Our treats are air dried at around 130 C in huge industrial ovens. This helps dry out the treat at a low temperature over a longer period of time whilst preserving some moisture content. This also then gives the treats a decent shelf life of around 18 months (they probably last around 24 months but we like to err on the side of caution).

When air-drying a treat that contains bones (such as duck neck, chicken feet etc), the bones become crumbly rather than break into sharp splinters when chewed and therefore are safe to feed your beloved pooch.

(NB: However - shop with caution - cheap, generic 'job lots' of treats on Ebay and Amazon are highly likely to be cheaply imported from countries such as China where they fry many of their products plus animal welfare isn't top of their priority list! Shop with a 'known' brand and avoid generic listings - they're cheap for a reason!)

Air drying also gives the benefit of making our treats extremely portable if you are going on a walk or away on holiday - something that many raw feeders struggle with.

So there you go, the importance of air drying explained, why not shop our range and try something different!

Laura & Dolly x