Pork Puppy Sticks


Pork Puppy Sticks is gently air-dried over several days, so as to retain its natural aroma, appetising colour and nutritional content. This method ensures that it stays soft and flexible with 10-15% moisture content. Pork Puppy Sticks doesn’t crumble or splinter when your dog chews on it and it is ideal for puppies and elderly dogs. It is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and jaw muscles healthy. Pork Puppy Sticks is a healthy snack, with lots of valuable nutrients. The product undergoes regular checks to ensure correct microbiological values. These dog snacks can help to regulate gut flora as well as aiding a healthy immune system. They also contain biotin which is good for a healthy skin and shiny fur. 
Size: approx 24 cm
protein – 54.0 %,  fat – 32 %,  ash – 4.03 %
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