Terms and Conditions

Please also see our general shipping terms and times HERE which are part of our terms and conditions.

For all order issues, refunds, returns and credits, please contact petperfect.info@gmail.com.

No pet treat is 100% risk free.

While incidence with our pet treats are extremely rare (no reported deaths or long term damage ever and only 2 reported recoverable incidence in all our years and millions of treat serves), we do not claim our treats are risk free. While our bone products are not cooked, like a raw bone they can still present a small hazard. Some treats may present a small chocking hazard just like food can to humans. We highly advice monitoring your dog when eating treats and understand their eating habits and choosing treats accordingly. You agree when purchasing our treats that you do so understanding the risk of feeding them to your dog and do not hold Pet Perfect responsible or accountable for your decision to feed your pet our treats.

Our Additional refund, replacement, credit and return policy

In addition to your general rights we further guarantee the quality of our products for 6 months from purchase date when kept sealed and out of direct sunlight with an average temperature below 30C – such as your kitchen cupboard for example. All of our products have a 6 month ‘Best Before’ after the purchase date.

You must notify us within 60 days of purchase if you have not received your order. After this time we do not guarantee we will be able to trace your order. Refunding or re-sending your order after this time will be at our discretion and will generally depend on the outcome of the couriers investigation and if we can make a successful claim.

You must notify us within 7 days of receiving your order if you believe there is an issue with your order such as a missing or incorrect item.

In the extremely unusual situation that we have made a mistake with your order or there is a quality issue with a product we will fully refund, credit or replace the item(s) at our cost, including all shipping costs

Changed your mind?

Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order and return the product(s) to the address below within 30 days of purchase date.


Our warehouse address is 42 Sycamore Close, Termon Abbey, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland. If you have changed your mind, you will need to return to this address.

Refund times

All refund and credits will be completed within 7 days of agreement of the amount. It might take a few days longer to receive your refund depending on how you paid (ie PayPal can take 3-7 days to process refunds). Replacements will be shipped within 5 working days of receiving the item(s) to replace.